BEF (bZIP enhancing factor)

Molecular Cell, 4: 219-228, 1999


also cloned as a coactivator of LEF-1 and AML-1 which are required for TCRa gene enhancer function. "ALY" (Genes Dev., 11: 640-653, 1997)

increases bZIP dimer formation (in the case of Tax, Tax inceases dimer stability)

acts as a molecular chaperone, but ATP is not required

recognizes the Leu zipper to stimulate DNA binding (Tax recognizes the basic region of the bZIP domain)

BEF and Tax function synergistically

Biochemical property

heat stable


14mer, 460kDa

does not have an intrinsic transcription activation domain

Expression and distribution

expressed ubiquitousluy, localized in nucleus

Updated 9/21/99